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3 of many reasons to watch Vikram Vedha at the Habitat Film Festival

Do you agree with our selection, or would you recommend this film for some other reasons? We are eager to find out.

R Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi in a scene from Vikram Vedha

Manigandan KR

Directors Pushkar and Gayathri's film Vikram Vedha tells a modern-day cop-versus-gangster story on the lines of the fable of Vikram and Vedhalam (Vikram-Betaal), something no filmmaker had attempted in Indian cinema.

For those unfamiliar with the Vikram-Vedhalam fable, King Vikram, to save his kingdom from ruin, goes in search of the vedhalam (an evil spirit) that has brought disease and disaster upon his people. He must destroy it for his people's sake.

But every time the king braves the odds and manages to capture the Vedhalam, it narrates a story at the end of which it poses a question pertaining to morals, ethics, laws and duties. The king must answer the question correctly and truthfully or the vedhalam will kill him. But if the king speaks, the vedhalam is free to go.

1. Thought-provoking plot

The purpose of the Vikram-Vedhalam fable was to actively engage the reader. In the guise of posing questions to Vikram, the questions are posed to the reader, making her not just an observer, but also someone who must think about the king's choices.

By opting to narrate their film's story, which is made up of three parts, in this format, the directors present the current scenario to the viewer and make her think about society. In other words, this film can be watched just for its style of presentation.

2. Powerful dialogues

This film can also be watched just for its intense screenplay and dialogues. Every dialogue has deep meaning. For instance, there is a scene in which Vijay Sethupathi as Vedha teaches his gangster about resolving problems. He says, 'When you have a problem, don't look at the problem. Look at its cause.' Speaking of which the film has exceptional performances from Vijay Sethupathi and R Madhavan as Vikram.

3. Superb cinematography

The film has been shot by PS Vinod. His work in the film speaks volumes of his understanding of light and frames. In fact, there is this sequence that shows Vijay Sethupathi making his getaway through an apartment complex even as the cops hunt for him on the lower floors. This is one of the most beautifully planned and shot sequences.

These are just three great reasons to watch the film. There are many more. Watch it and tell us what your three reasons would be.

Vikram Vedha is scheduled to be screened at the Habitat Film Festival at New Delhi's India Habitat Centre on Sunday 20 May 2018 at 2 pm.

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