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Wagherya trailer: Sameer Asha Patil's trailer captures the comic plight of the man who cried tiger

The Bharat Ganeshpure and Kishore Kadam starrer promises to be a fun ride. 

Keyur Seta

Over the last decade or so, Marathi cinema has been churning out a number of films set in villages throughout the year. Most of these films are serious in nature. But director Sameer Asha Patil’s Wagherya is an out-and-out comedy featuring a group of villagers. The first trailer of the film holds a lot of promise.

Wagherya is the story of Anna (Bharat Ganeshpure), a villager, who claims to have seen a tiger in the village. This creates a lot of concern among the fellow villagers and a hunt ensures to nab the wild animal. The village sarpanch (Kishore Kadam) also intervenes. Hilariously, the forest officer (Hrishikesh Joshi) is forced to abandon his own wedding to search the tiger. 

However, despite a lot of valiant efforts, nobody ever spots the tiger. Anna tries hard to convince others that he indeed saw a tiger. Will he be able to prove that he is right? Did he actually see a tiger? 

The trailer is filled with hilarious moments and the chaos that ensues after the news of the tiger spreads. The sequences where Ganeshpure makes a man stand like a tiger, and another where the villagers anticipating a tiger in the fields, only see a couple emerging out of it, deserve mention. 

Ganeshpure, Kadam and Joshi seem to have given commendable performances. 

The scene where a number of villagers are seen searching the tiger have touches of Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni’s Valu (2008). 

Patil’s last movie was Yuntum (2018) which had released in February. 

Wagherya is all set to release on 18 May. 

Watch the trailer: