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Habitat festival 2018 opener Drishtikone is a romantic thriller in every sense

The film offers palpable suspense and demands the audience's full concentration while watching as there are clues hidden in the subtlest expressions of the characters.

Roushni Sarkar

Widow Srimati Sen (Rituparna Sengupta) hires advocate Jiyon Mitra (Prosenjit Chatterjee) to take up the case relating to the death of her husband Palash (Kaushik Sen). Srimati believes Palash's death was not a mere accident.

As they work on the case, Srimati gets close to Jiyon and begins to participate in his family occasions and tours, much to the chagrin of his wife (Churni Ganguly). Jiyon, too, becomes part of Palash’s dream project Drishti Eye Donation Centre, run by Srimati.

But while questioning Pritam (Kaushik Ganguly), who accompanied his younger brother Palash in the car that met with an accident and was supposedly paralysed thereafter, Jiyon's assistant makes a shocking discovery. To find out more, you need to watch Drishtikone, the opening film at the Habitat Film Festival this evening.

Drishtikone is a romantic thriller in every sense of the term. The story offers palpable suspense throughout in the backdrop while maturely dealing with an illicit and unusual love story on the surface.

Not a single moment of the film can be missed as answers to the questions in the viewers' minds lie in the subtlest expressions of the characters.

The film, directed by Ganguly, has striking performances by each and every member of the cast, infusing it with dramatic elements with ample emotional quotient.

Drishtikone is being screened at the Habitat Film Festival at New Delhi's India Habitat Centre at 7:30 pm on Thursday 17 May and again on Friday 18 May at 2 pm.

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