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Parmanu song 'Jitni Dafa': When John Abraham's much-married character falters while on duty

While Rashmi Virag's simple lyrics explain the protagonist's predicament well, Yasser Desai's strikes a chord with his singing.

Mayur Lookhar

Parmanu: The Story Of Pokhran's second song, 'Jitni Dafa' is a soft ballad that throws light on captain Ashwat Raina's (John Abraham) relationship with his wife Sushma (Anuja Sathe) and his colleague Ambalika Bandopadhyay (Diana Penty). So, the film, primarily touted to be based on India’s successful nuclear bomb tests of 1998, also has a romantic angle.

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Going by the song, Ashwat is smitten by Ambalika from the very first meet. Now, while the song doesn’t directly show an relationship between Ashwat and Ambalika, it hints at such a predicament. With Ashwat not being able to give time to his family, it runs the risk of falling apart.

Rashmi Virag has penned simple, neat lyrics that explain Ashwat's predicament aptly. The fine lyrics are backed by a soothing, soft score by Jeet Ganguly (credited as Jeet Gannguli).  

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Good lyrics surely has positive impact on the singer's performance too. Yasser Desai gives his heart and soul to the track. This is a performance that strikes a chord. Desi succeeds in emoting Ashwat's plight beautifully.

Ganguly, too, is credited as one of the singers, but we only hear Desai. Perhaps, the composer will be heard in the exteneded version.

Parmanu is set to be released on 25 May.

Watch the endearing song below:

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