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Bucket List song ‘Tu Pari’: Madhuri Dixit, Sumeet Raghvan share romantic, scenic holiday

Rohan Pradhan displays a good range, effortlessly changing his pitch, while Shreya Ghoshal, who doesn't even speak Marathi, gives a glimpse of her ease with romantic numbers.

Keyur Seta

The promos of Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar’s Bucket List revealed the plot of the film as a coming-of-age saga of a Pune housewife, played by Madhuri Dixit Nene. The song ‘Tu Pari’ indicates that the film has a strong romantic angle too. This is Dixit Nene's first Marathi film and also stars Sumeet Raghvan as her husband.

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‘Tu Pari’ is an out-and-out romantic number, showing the couple travelling in a car in scenic locations. The visuals of foreign locales and romance are familiar to Hindi cinema audiences. Dixit Nene and Sumeet Raghvan share impressive chemistry.

Rohan Pradhan displays a good singing range and effortlessly changes his pitch. He is also one of the music composers with Rohan Gokhale (the duo call themselves Rohan Rohan!). Shreya Ghoshal, who does not even speak the language in which the song is written, gives a glimpse of her ease with romantic numbers.

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The lilting piano through the song adds a soft, romantic touch. The production values and technical aspects are high, comparable to big-budget Hindi films. The camerawork, in particular, is creative.

Bucket List will be released on 25 May. Meanwhile, watch the song:

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