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Phamous song 'Bandook song': An interesting way to describe a gun

Innovative lyrics, riveting score and Vishal Dadlani’s swag are likely to make this rustic number a hit with its target audience.

Mayur Lookhar

After an impressive trailer, the makers of desi spaghetti Western Phamous have released their first song. Given the film's dark theme, guns are an integral part of the story. So the makers came up with the 'Bandook Song'.

Rustic numbers have their own charm. They appeal strictly to a certain section of the mass audience. Melody and poetry can often go for a toss when it comes to rustic numbers. Such tracks are meant to enjoyed for the craziness they offer both lyrically and visually. 

The lyrics for the 'Bandook Song' are laden with words that are widely used in Madhya Pradesh. Lyricist Puneet Sharma gets you wondering what this means: ‘Gaufan ki modee hai, gadhhan ki ghodi hai’. Modee means 'girl' and a basic Google search suggests that gaufan could mean sling.

When the lyrics of a song aren't clear, it just tends to build up more intrigue around the track. Luckily, the rest of the 'Bandook Song' is fairly simple to decipher. The song essentially describes a gun in different ways. 

The song has a riveting score by Krsna Solo, with the contemporary desi track also having a guitar rendition by Sanjoy Das. Dadlani’s rough voice makes him an apt candidate to sign such songs. There are moments when he gets a little carried away, but that’s usually a given with Vishal Dadlani tracks. It’s the singer's infectious energy and swag that make for a trademark Dadlani song.

The opening lyrics have been sung by an uncredited singer and give the impression that this could be a soft track, but the song quickly changes tempo and turns into a bustling number. Here is a track that is bound to be played at festivals.

With guns galore in the visual, and the principal characters flaunting their ammo, this rustic number is a delight for the target audience. 

Don't take our word for it. Watch the 'Bandook Song' below:

Phamous is set to be released on 1 June. Click here if you would like to predict the film's fate at the box office.

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