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Priyanka Chopra gets Kate Bosworth, Ranveer Singh to talk about women empowerment

While Bosworth talked about the need for equality, Singh revealed the strange tradition Zoya Akhtar had on the sets of Gully Boy to celebrate the special day. 

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Shriram Iyengar

International Women's Day saw a number of heroes step up to the plate. Among them was Priyanka Chopra. The actress might be caught up in the shoot of the upcoming season of Quantico, but she definitely did not forget her role on the special day. As a treat to her fans, Chopra put in a call to actress Kate Bosworth, actor Ranveer Singh, among others to talk about inspiring women, and the need for change on International Women's Day. 

As a goodwill ambassador to the United Nations, Chopra spent a majority of last year touring across regions of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Iraq, among other places, and even attended the General Assembly to speak about the struggles of the girl child across the world. 

To celebrate International Women's Day, the actress sent a shoutout to the women who inspired her through life, and put up a picture of the 'powerful and talented women' who work on the sets of her series, Quantico. 

It was this particular issue of equality that she questioned Bosworth about. Answering Chopra about the main problem that she sees women across the world facing, Bosworth said, "Equality. Period." The actress went on to say that 'the idea of inclusiveness is really important.' She added, "We are going to have to stand together and recognise the equality." 

But Chopra's feminism is not restricted to successful women. The actress also put Ranveer Singh on the spot when she dropped a call. Singh, who was evidently on his way to shoot with Zoya Akhtar for Gully Boy, typically made his statement by saying 'Real men wear skirts'. The actor went on to reveal that Akhtar had asked all the men on the set to wear skirts for the special day. 

When asked by Chopra on the women who inspired him, Singh said, "I've been raised by my mummy, my nani and my sisters. Whatever I am today, I am because of them. They are lionesses." 

The actress even pulled up Golden Globe nominee, Blair Underwood, and Alan Powell to talk about the women in their lives. Underwood remarked that Cecilie Tyson, Emmy award winner, as one of his key inspirations in life.