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Saqib and Taapsee's off-screen chemistry made me cast them in Dil Juunglee: Aleya Sen

Produced by Pooja Entertainment, the film hits the big screens today (9 March).

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First time film director Aleya Sen is quite excited about her feature film Dil Juunglee and says that coming from an advertising background, entering into the feature film field was a natural progression for her.

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"I am a restless person by nature who is always looking to trying out something new. At the same time, I love telling stories so I started writing the story of my film, observing my own people whom I meet every day," Sen told IANS, a news agency.

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"I am already an ad filmmaker and have done some videos as well. So making feature film was a natural progression."

The film revolves around the love story of Karoli and Sumit played by Taapsee Pannu and Saqib Saleem, respectively. According to Sen, casting them was an interesting story.

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"We met at the set of a music video which I directed. Their off-screen chemistry made me decide to cast them together. They bonded so naturally," she said, adding, "I did not keep any other actor in mind when I wrote the story."

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Asked if the female protagonist is an extension of her personality, Sen said: "Well, like Karoli, I love reading love stories and at a young age I used to think that my boyfriend will be as perfect as a character from a love story. But with time we all grow mature and understand life better. Our priorities change. In this film also, the story goes through different phases of a love story. So yes, there are some similarities, some imagination."

Produced by Pooja Entertainment, the film hits the big screens today (9 March).