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Miss Sridevi dearly: Mahesh Bhatt pays tribute to his Gumrah actress

The director recollected how the late actress ignored her fever to shoot a key sequence in water for the film in 1993. 


Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt has paid tribute to late actress Sridevi, whom he misses dearly. During an episode of the reality show, India's Next Superstars, Bhatt inspired some of the aspiring actors by sharing a story about Sridevi while shooting with the actress for his film Gumrah (1993), a statement said.

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"While shooting for Gumrah, we had to shoot a water sequence for which Sridevi was needed. I was informed that she is down with fever and we might have to postpone the shoot," he said.

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"Worried about her health, I met her in her room and requested her that we continue shooting when she is fine because her condition was really bad. To my surprise, she refused to postpone the shoot," he added.

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Talking about her hard work, he said, "Sridevi shot inside water for hours with fever and didn't say a word because she was so professional. I salute her spirit and I miss her dearly."

Sridevi passed away due to accidental drowning in a bathtub in her hotel room in Dubai on 24 February.