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Why we love Fardeen Khan and his ham acting – Birthday special

As Fardeen Khan turns 44 today (he was born on 8 March 1974), we look at some amusing scenes featuring him.

Mayur Lookhar

Fardeen Khan was blessed with good looks, but the same cannot be said about his acting chops. Actor Feroz Khan launched his son with Prem Aggan (1998), but FK Junior failed to make an impression.

Save for a couple of unnaturally good displays of acting — Luv Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega (2001) and Dev (2004) — Fardeen Khan has mostly attempted to pseudo-entertain audiences with his shallow skills.

Melodrama has its own charm. After a point, even a bad show becomes entertaining in itself.

As Fardeen Khan turns 44 today (he was born on 8 March 1974), we take a look at some amusing film scenes featuring him.

1. Prem Aggan (1998)

You are not expected to know much when it's your first film (or first anything). It is a learning curve. As a newcomer, Fardeen Khan could be forgiven the feeble show, but could he not have at least made a genuine effort to learn the martial arts? Watching Suraj (Fardeen Khan) display his skills is like watching schoolchildren spar. There is no speed or agility, and to make his moves more ridiculous he also squeaks! The farcical smile of the master (Javed Khan) will have you rolling on the floor laughing. The sequence ends in the most ridiculous fashion with the conquered Vishal refusing to shake hands with the victorious Suraj. Prem Aggan only exposed Fardeen Khan as a badly undercooked actor.

2. Janasheen (2003)

After unsuccessfully launching him in Prem Aggan, Feroz Khan tried to give his son’s career a boost with Janasheen. Feroz Khan played the Afghan multi-millionaire Saba Karim Shah, who is based in Australia. Lucky Kapoor (Fardeen) and Shah's first scene together wasn’t short of melodrama. While the dialogues seem fine, it is Fardeen Khan's act that seems off. He tries hard to be cute, looking like a poor man's Shah Rukh Khan in the bargain. His body language in the scene is comical, to say the least.

3. No Entry (2005)

An Anees Bazmee comedy comes with its own share of outrageous sequences. This one had Prem (Salman Khan) hanging from a cliff with Fardeen Khan and Anil Kapoor clinging to his feet. Prem’s fake threat to jump off the cliff sees Shekhar (Fardeen Khan) hyperventilating and running towards him in a ridiculous attempt to save him. Fardeen Khan's "Prembhai, Prembhai" is so annoying you wish he actually fell off the cliff. Then Kishan (Anil Kapoor) makes a lousy attempt to help them and himself goes over to hang by Prem's other foot. Now, when they are all hanging on for dear life, why would Shekhar bite Prem's leg? Yes, quite inexplicable. This sequence would easily make it to Anil Kapoor's and Salman Khan's ham lists as well.

4. Pyare Mohan (2006)

Anything is possible in the world of cinema. Pyare (Fardeen) is visually impaired, and exceptionally gifted. But the manner in which he drives a car, screaming at the same time, is a bit too hard to digest. Screeching, in fact, seems to be Fardeen Khan's favourite acting trope. He indulges in it almost every chance he gets.

5. Heyy Babyy (2007)

In this film, Fardeen Khan played a fake sanskari professor, Parimal, a tribute to a similarly named character played by Dharmendra in the classic Chupke Chupke (1975). The idea was to dissuade Isha (Vidya Balan) from getting married, but director Sajid Khan took the imagination to ridiculous levels. In this scene, Parimal is driving a car at snail’s pace. While it is funny, Fardeen Khan ruins the scene with his overacting. He later even confesses that this is ridiculous. Now, who wouldn't agree?