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Hichki song: Rani Mukerji teaches her students to fly outside the box in 'Khol De Par' 

The song, composed by Jasleen Royal, has lyrics by Raj Shekhar, and is sung by Arijit Singh. 

Shriram Iyengar

Rani Mukerji's turn as the Patch Adams of teachers is getting interesting by the day. A film is built around a teacher who is suffering from Tourette's Syndrome but continues with her mission to teach children struggling to adapt in the elitist education system.

The song 'Khol De Par' peeks into the novel ways that Mukerji's character, Naina, adapts in order to get her students interested in their books.

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The film draws parallels between Naina's Tourette's Syndrome and the societal disadvantages her students face. Coming from families struggling to put two meals together, education seems to be a burden.

However, Naina finds a way to get them interested by using methods that are definitely not in the teaching textbook. Terraces, streets, buses become classrooms, and peppermint cola reactions and eggs become the teaching apparatus.

Her creativity gets the kids excited and involved. The sight of the children bonding with a teacher who, like them, is looked down upon by the other teachers, is a touching sight.

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Arijit Singh delivers the inspirational voice to the song. The peppy, hummable rhythm by Jasleen Royal adds to Singh's vocal skills and makes this song easily likable. With a building tempo and a catchy rhythm, the song does have an infectious energy.

The key, however, lies in the understated lyrics of Raj Shekhar. The verses capture the theme of unleashing creativity and thinking outside the box that the system tries to fit everyone in. The verses flow with an ease, without reducing the impact of the meaning behind them.

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Hichki is directed by Siddharth P Malhotra, and is set to be released on 23 March 2018.

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