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Was at mercy of everybody around me: Anushka Sharma on her makeup for Pari

In a making video, the actress reveals how sticky hair, fake fingernails and lots of 'different types' of blood were key to her look in Prosit Roy's film. 

Shriram Iyengar

It takes courage for an A-list actress to take on the role of a posessed woman in a horror film. Courage, and a lot of makeup as the latest making video of Anushka Sharma's Pari (2018) reveals.

The video underlines the challenges and tricks used to create the scary, grimy look that has earned the actress rave reviews.

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The look was shaped by Clover Wootton, a makeup artist and production designer. In an earlier video released prior to the film's release, Wootton talked about how Sharma had approached her right after she saw Wootton's work in a film with Ranbir Kapoor.

However, since it was a horror film, the designer chose to completely strip the actress of her 'starry' looks before she got to work on the 'horror' part.

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"I am so lucky that she has such great skin," Wootton gushes. But that is half the work. The designer then set out to create Pari's look for Prosit Roy's film. The result as Roy puts it himself, "When I saw Anushka's look test, and saw Kala Pari on the first day, I was 'Wow'!"

The praise though came after a lot of blood, sweat and tears, quite literally. To achieve Sharma's look in the film, Wootton had to make a mess of the actress' look. She says, "A lot of blood, a lot of different types of blood. Nobody really understands how horrible that is for her because her hair is stuck to her neck."

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There were other difficulties as well. As the actress puts it, "I couldn't hold anything because it is so sticky, and I couldn't grab anything because the nails were so long. If they fall off, it would take so long to put them back in," before adding, "I was literally, like, at the mercy of everybody around me."

The effort has paid off with the actress and the film receiving critical praise from many quarters.