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Aligarh writer Apurva Asrani diagnosed with Bell's Palsy

The writer put up a Facebook post revealing that he has been diagnosed with reversible facial paralysis, and is now slowly recovering. 

Our Correspondent

Apurva Asrani has been diagnosed with Bell's Palsy. The writer of Aligarh (2012) revealed the information on his Facebook today. Asrani revealed that he has been diagnosed with Bell's Palsy, a disease that leaves facial muscles partly paralysed, two months ago. However, the writer added that he is on the path to recovery. 

The writer, who had an infamous fallout with mentor Hansal Mehta over the writing credits for his film Simran (2017), wrote, "Almost two months ago, I woke up with the right side of my face completely paralysed. Fearing a stroke, I was rushed to the hospital, and after an MRI ruled that out, my condition was diagnosed as Bell's Palsy—where the facial nerve is inflamed, causing loss of muscle movement."

"What causes this is still a mystery, but they gather that it could be a viral infection. Stress is a major factor and god knows I had more than my share of that in 2017," added Asrani. However, the writer stated that the condition is reversible, and that after steady treatment there are signs of improvement. 

The writer went on to suggest that the experience has introduced him to the difficulties posed by an image-conscious society. "And isn’t that the very problem with how we use social media today? We put our best face forward, post a pic that took ten rejected shots to make. Filters that took several minutes to tune. Then you see these pictures and think, so and so looks so good — all the time!" he wrote. 

He went on to suggest that this experience makes him sympathetic to actors and actresses 'who project a perfect life, but are crumbling on the inside— unable to show anyone the cracks.' 

The writer was in the news recently when he quit his post on the International Film Festival of India 2017 jury in opposition to the information and broadcasting ministry's decision to take off S Sasidharan's S Durga (2017) from the festival schedule.