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Wondering what kept Priyanka Chopra away from the Oscars?

The Indian actress fell sick and so couldn’t make it to the 90th Academy Awards 

Our Correspondent

The Academy awards always generate a great deal of interest in India, especially since Indians have started to make their presence felt at the event, even if only on the red carpet.

So Priyanka Chopra 'made the country proud' when she presented an award last year. Also, her outfit was featured in entertainment portal's list of sexiest red-carpet dresses of all time.

Naturally, fans were expecting to see the Quantico star scorch the red carpet again this year, but Chopra was nowhere to be seen.

Immediately the rumour mills went to work wondering what had kept the Indian star away. Sure, she was not nominated for an award in any category, her Hollywood debut film Baywatch (2017) having turned out to be a disaster, but that was not why Chopra missed the event. She simply fell ill.

“I wish all my friends nominated tonight all the very best! So sick but wishing everyone from bed. Can’t wait to know the winners,” Chopra posted as an Instagram story.

Chopra is currently shooting for the third season of her TV series Quantico.

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