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2.0 VFX featurette teases action-packed sequences headlining Rajinikanth

Director Shankar and the team behind the visual effects discuss the challenging behind-the-scenes wizardry that goes into the keenly awaited sequel.

Sonal Pandya

While there is no release date in sight yet for director Shankar’s sequel to Robot/Enthiran (2010), fans will have to be appeased by the latest VFX featurette that shows the behind-the-scenes action on 2.0.

The nearly six-minute video gives a glimpse of the production design of the film. Shankar and VFX supervisor, Srinivas tease a lot of conceptualization to the previsualization of several sequences in the film. It features superstar Rajinikanth’s character Chitti in pursuit of someone, likely the character played by Akshay Kumar.

The process of previsualization allows the filmmakers, cast and crew a guide to begin shoting with. The makers employed the services of the Emmy Award-winning company, The Third Floor, based in Los Angeles to complete the previsualization. One scene, particularly, whereby a large round ball made up of Rajinikanth’s character Chitti is centered in a stadium, looks impressive.

Shankar and his team worked with technicians from global visual effects companies like Double Negative, Tau Films, Legacy Effects, and Quantum FX. Walt Jones, VFX supervisor of Tau Films, said they created entire cities and worlds alongside characters. "There's really not a scene or sequence that doesn't have an enormous contribution from VFX," Jones explained.

Mohan also revealed the use of new technology for Indian cinema — the use of the virtual camera. The director and/or the camera can operate the camera inside a virtual world. He said the film uses a mixture of real and digital environments onscreen.

Actor Akshay Kumar, too, discussed being motivated by Shankar’s vision for 2.0. “Shankar sir keeps you on the edge of the harness literally. It’s easy to stay inspired when you have the greatest visionary on top of every move of yours.”

Shankar, while not giving away too much, said Chitti’s introduction scene and the film’s finale are complex. However, the director insisted in the video, “Audience should not feel the VFX. They should see as a story and as a movie.”

2.0 starring Rajinikanth, Akshay, Amy Jackson and Adil Hussain is due to be released some time this year in Tamil and Hindi.

Watch the VFX featurette below: