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6 wedding specials from composer Ravi: Birth anniversary special

On the 92nd birth anniversary of the composer, we take a look at his compositions that continue to be a part of the Indian wedding routine. 

Shriram Iyengar

Film music has been a part of Indian life for a very long time. From songs to dialogues to fashion, cinema has influenced the lives of common people in many ways.

By this definition, music composer Ravi has left a legacy that continues to live on 6 years past his death. As a self-trained musician, the composer went on to create music for films like Chaudhvin Ka Chand (1961), Gharana (1961), Waqt (1965), Neel Kamal (1968) and Nikaah (1982), among others.

Beginning his career with Anand Math (1952), where he composed the iconic 'Vande Mataram' under the tutelage of Hemant Kumar, Ravi soon rose as a music composer in his own right with films ike Albeli (1955), Narsi Bhagat (1957) and Ghar Sansar (1958).

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One of the key elements of the composer's style was his ability to blend folk and traditional themes into his music. A particular theme that he excelled in was wedding songs.

From the iconic 'Babul Ki Duayen Leti Jaa' from Neel Kamal to 'Aaj Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai' form Aadmi Sadak Ka (1977), the composer created songs that have lived out the millenium and are still played during wedding processions.

On the 92nd birth anniversary of the music composer, we take a look at 6 songs that are perfect for any wedding.

1. 'Man Hi Man Muskaaye Re Dulhaniya' (Tu Nahi Aur Sahi — 1960) 

One of his early compositions was for this film, starring Pradeep Kumar and Kum Kum in the lead.

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The song is a light festive one that teases the heroine about her new husband. While this might not be his most memorable work, the composition captures the very casual, folky-rhythm that would make Ravi so popular among laymen. The song's festive feel also added a plus point for listeners.

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2. 'Gori Ghunghat Mein' (Ghunghat — 1960) 

Another playful song that teases the new bride, this composition was sung by Asha Bhosle, who would go on to become a regular for the composer.

With Bina Rai playing the bride, the song is another one that sticks to the theme of a new wedding and the festive environment around it.

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3. 'Mere Banne Ki Baat Na Pucho' (Gharana, 1961) 

Shubha Khote takes on the role of the merry bridesmaid who teases the bride in this joyful qawwali.

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The song, picturised on Rajendra Kumar and Asha Parekh, had some stunning voices behind it.

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While Asha Bhosle picked up the key for Shobha Khote's young appearance, it was the legendary Shamshad Begum who faced off against her. The high falsetto of Bhosle and the deeper timbre of the senior Begum make for an interesting combination.

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4. 'Mera Yaar Bana Hai Dulha' (Chaudhvin Ka Chand — 1961) 

Who says guys did not have fun at Indian weddings? While M Sadiq's Chaudhvin Ka Chand (1961) is known for a stunning array of songs, and remains one of the composer's best works, this particular wedding sequence makes for hilarity and fun.

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Picturised on the boisterous Johnny Walker, playing the groomsman getting the party going, the song went on to become a mainstay of several wedding processions since then.

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5. 'Babul Ki Duayen Leti Jaa' (Neel Kamal — 1968) 

Of all the wedding songs he has composed, this remains the most iconic.

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The lyrics, written by Sahir Ludhianvi, etch out the strong emotions of a doting father overseeing his daughter's wedding.

The magic also comes from Mohammed Rafi's powerfully emotive voice. Since it's first recording, the song continues to be a hit at weddings across the country where sadness of the bride's deprture runs as deep as the joy of her being wedded.

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6. 'Aaj Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai' (Aadmi Sadak Ka — 1977) 

While he experienced a lull in his compositions through the 1970s, Ravi never let up on his style.

This is another masterpiece that has echoed through the years across the country. So much so that the phrase has become a calling card for friends of all ages. Again, Mohammed Rafi delivered the song with an energy that only he can muster.

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