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High Jack song 'Behka': Sumeet Vyas turns DJ on-board a trippy flight

Singer, composer and writer Vibha Saraf produces a highly intoxicating and entertaining number. 

Mayur Lookhar

Produced by Phantom Films, High Jack, narrates the comedy of errors that takes place when a bunch of novices hijack a plane. One of the passengers, Rakesh (Sumeet Vyas) turns the hijack into a fun ride after he spikes the beverages being served on the flight with a drug pill.  

In keeping with the film’s theme, the song 'Behka' is an intoxicating track, with Rakesh turning the trippy flight into a night club.  

More than the lyrics, its the visuals that grip your imagination. Rakesh locking himself inside the lavatory and indulging in some madness, is super fun to watch.

A drug induced state of euphoria can transport you to a different world, and that's precisely what we get to see in the 'Behka' track. Rakesh turns himself into a DJ, with the passengers and the in-flight crew all dancing to his tunes. 

While the visuals are a delight to watch, the song scores for its peppy tune and intoxicating lyrics. The song truly belongs to Vibha Saraf as she is the singer and lyricist on this track, and also shares the music direction credit with EDM (Electronic Dance Music) producer Nucleya.

The techno music in the stanza may not be very fresh but it is one that you don't really get tired listening to. Saraf's voice emotes the high-on-drug state of Rakesh quite well. 

This music video definitely leaves you craving for more. 

Directed by Akarsh Khurana, High Jack is set to be released in theatres on 20 April.

Watch the 'Behka' song here. 


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