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Hrithik Roshan asks not to fear 'fear' in inspirational video

The actor has asked everyone to not surrender to the fear of failure, and crush all the negativity that could hamper one's growth.

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Mayur Lookhar

Recently, Hrithik Rohsan has been through thick times, both professionally and personally. Though the lean phase must have surely hurt the actor, he has never been the one to be bogged down by the fear of failure.

As a child, Hrithik had confidence issues and stammered while speaking. As he grew up, he overcame all his fears and emerged as a super star. He also has six fingers on one hand, a trait rarely seen in a hero.   

The actor has now posted an inspirational video reminding how one should never surrender to the fear of failure, and should crush all the negativity that hampers one's growth. His message, in Hindi, is very poetic, too. According to the actor's tweet, the message was written by himself.

“Don’t be afraid of fear, do something different. A man with six fingers can never become a superstar. Fear will tell you that, but you have to show confidence, you have to see fear in the eyes. Don’t fear fear, do something different. Every walk of life will give you moments of pain, fear will try to feast on this fear, it will discourage you from moving on in life, but can fear give you in writing that you will lose?" says Hrithik in the video.

“It will try to exploit every weakness, but you have to show your talent. Make that weakness your talent. That will be the day when fear starts fearing you. Play the game of fear fearlessly. Don’t fear fear. Move ahead and forget fear, do something different,” he adds.

Hrithik will be next seen in Viaks Bahl’s Super 30, that is based on the life of mathematician Anand Kumar. Kumar founded the Super 30 programme to help children from economically backward sections to prepare for IIT-JEE exams for the Indian Institutes of Technology.

Watch Hrithik’s inspirational video below: