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Don't think I can love anyone as much as I love Ronit, says brother Rohit Roy

The actor narrated a childhood incident where Ronit chased a boy, who had bullied Rohit, for a mile before giving him a sound beating.

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Actor Rohit Roy says he can't love anyone as much as he loves his brother and actor Ronit Roy.

"My childhood memories of Ronit are very dear and special because growing up, we only had each other. I was terribly shy and hence wouldn't make friends easily. He was my brother and friend rolled into one," Rohit said in a statement.

The actor, on behalf of Star Movies for the Indian television premiere of Boss Baby on Sunday (25 March), added: "My fondest memory is when a kid tried to bully me and Ronit ran for a mile, caught up with him and beat him up. I knew then that I was safe for life! Now he's more like a father figure. I don't think I can love anyone as much as I love him."

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Actress Nimrat Kaur also spoke about her sister, Rubina Singh, who is a psychologist in Bengaluru.

"I have many memories with my baby sister but there is one that comes to mind which she hates me for but we laugh about it all the time," she said.

"It was her birthday, we were in Patiala at that time and I remember we were playing outside the house somewhere in the garden and there was a..what seemed like a wasp that was dead on the ground so I thought it would be very funny to pick it up and scare her with that and throw it at her, which I did," she recalled.

"Only that the wasp wasn't dead, it was alive and it bit her on the eye and flew off. So the poor thing had a swollen eye, three times the size of her forehead on her birthday and she wouldn't stop crying. She hates me for it still because it was just so badly timed and a complete disaster."