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Dhansika to make debut in Telugu films with Mela

The actress, who has played the female lead in several films including Aravaan, Paradesi, Vizhithiru, Kaathadi and Solo, is known to pick women-centric roles.

Manigandan KR

Actress Dhansika, who played superstar Rajinikanth's daughter in Kabali (2016), is set to make her debut in Telugu.

The actress, who has played the female lead in several Tamil films including Aravaan (2012), Paradesi (2013), Vizhithiru (2017) and Kaathadi (2018), and who is known to pick women-centric roles, will be making her debut in Telugu with Mela.

"When director Kiran, who is also the scriptwriter of Mela, met me, he said, 'I penned this script having you in mind. This film is a female-centric one and it is centred around your character. It is based on true events'."

"He then narrated the whole story to me. It calls for rejoicing when scriptwriters write scripts based on heroines. I was very impressed with the story that Kiran told me and readily agreed to be a part of this film," said Dhansika, who discloses that her debut film in Telugu will also be simultaneoulsy released in Tamil.

When asked if it was true that she would be seen in two roles in the film, she replied in the negative.

"It is not completely true. Actually, it is two facets of the same character. One of the characters that I play in the film is that of a spirit," she clarified.

The film will, apart from Dhansika, have actors Suriya Tej, Ali, Bharath Reddy, Munishkanth and Madhumitha.