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'Ek Do Teen' remake row: Here is what Tiger Shroff, Disha Patani have to say

Tiger Shroff says Baaghi 2 filmmakers did not aim to ruin the original. Patani urges all to not think of the remake as an insult to the original.

Jacqueline Fernandes in Ek Do Teen remake

Mayur Lookhar

The makers of Baaghi 2 recently launched their own version of Madhuri Dixit’s iconic 'Ek Do Teen' song from N Chandra’s Tezaab (1988) and quickly landed in a soup.

The song got mixed reviews, which was not so bad. What was bad was that veteran choreographer Saroj Khan, actress Madhuri Dixit Nene, and director Chandra are unhappy with the remake.

Chandra was quoted as calling the remake "crass beyond imagination" and saying he is contemplating action against the producers of Baaghi 2.

It does appear as if Sri Lankan actress Jacqueline Fernandez's attempt to pay tribute to Dixit has boomeranged.

Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff in the 'Mundiyan' remake

Choreographer turned Baaghi 2 director Ahmed Khan was due to meet the media today, but he simply failed to show up. In his stead Baaghi 2 leads Tiger Shroff and DIsha Patani offered their views on the remake.

Asked if failure to get the appreciation of the original artistes is an indication of the failure of a remake, Shroff said, “That is unfortunate. Honestly, the intention was to just pay a little tribute, homage to a legendary person like Madhuri ma’am. It’s a lovely song as well. Sajid [Nadiadwala] sir wanted to relive, recreate those tunes."

Talking about Fernandez's performance, he continued, "I thought Jacqueline did a great job. It is unfortunate that it got mixed reviews. By no means can you compare [her] to the great Madhuri Dixit. It’s just a small tribute from our side. We haven’t done it to ruin the song. Jacqueline did her best. I am proud of her.”

Patani, Shroff's co-star and rumoured girlfriend, said she had not heard anything about Saroj Khan or N Chandra contemplating legal action. "I have no idea if they have taken any action against [the producers]," she said.

But does a remake need to get the respect of the original architects? “Well, the remake does need to get the respect of the original artistes. But I loved the remake," she said.

"People are comparing it with Madhuri ma’am," Patani continued. "But she is a dance legend. How can anyone compare with her? It’s just a tribute to her. You give tribute to someone who is truly big. If tomorrow I give tribute to Beyonce or Michael Jackson, it doesn’t mean I am like them or comparing with them. I can never be them!

"It’s a new song, a remix, and one should take it lightly. Please don’t start thinking it is an insult to the old song. I would like to believe that people are enjoying it."

Baaghi 2 is set to be released on 30 March. If you haven't watched the remixed 'Ek Do Teen', check it out here: