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October theme song: Shantanu Moitra delivers wonderfully musical introspection of melancholy

Composed by Moitra, the track is a violin-heavy composition with mellow interludes by the harp, cello and a lilting piano. 

Shriram Iyengar

The mellow sobering trailer of Shoojit Sircar's October captured Varun Dhawan in a new light. While the actor is known for his kinetic energy and boisterous turn as the leading man, Sircar has managed to give fans a glimpse of a vulnerable hero at the heart of this delicate romance. The music of the film seems to follow this very theme. Shantanu Moitra's opening composition for the film, October Theme, captures a melancholic introspection that pervades Sircar's film. 

The making of the song captures the work and the various instruments that have been utilised in the composition. Moitra and Sircar have turned to the use of a harp, piano and violins to create the mellow theme. While the violins take precedence creating the heartbreaking sound that forms the core of the track, the piano and the harp provide the melody and jumps that add to its lightness. The entire track unfolds like a slow conversation between the instruments making for a pleasing aural experience. 

The song captures the melancholy and introspection that Sircar seeks to create through the film. Built around the tragic romance between Dan and Shiuli (played by Dhawan and Banita Sandhu respectively), the film is not one for a light-hearted peppy score. Moitra delivers an example as to why such scores can be just the thing to escape the trend of remixes. 

The film is set to released on 13 April. 

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