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It is RD Burman on iPhone X advertisement, Pete Cannon confirms

The producer issued a clarification after several online viewers pointed out to the similarities between RD Burman's song from The Burning Train (1980) and his soundtrack for the iPhone X ad campaign. 

Shriram Iyengar

Music producer Pete Cannon issued a clarification revealing that it is indeed RD Burman's tune that was the inspiration for the soundtrack of the latest iPhone X campaign. The producer put out a tweet issuing the clarification after several Twitter users pulled him up on the similarities between his composition 'Bang Bang' and RD Burman's 'Mujhe Pe Hai Teri Nazar' from The Burning Train (1980). 

Cannon wrote 'Hi Guys, I just want to address the sample used in the new Apple iPhoneX advert. It samples a track from the great R D Burman's 'Burning Train’ and it's a MAGICAL piece of music!' 

The video campaign for the ad clearly begins with a motif that would strike fans of Hindi cinema music as very familiar. The trumpet tune belongs to Burman's composition for The Burning Train (1980). 

Cannon suggested that he had gained the requisite permissions for the composition from Saregama, and thus 'everyone was on board'. 

Incidentally, Cannon is not the first to use a Hindi soundtrack to serve as inspiration. Previously, director Spike Lee had borrowed AR Rahman's iconic 'Chaiyya Chaiyya' from Dil Se... (1998) to be used in the opening credits of his film, Inside Man (2006). 

While Indian composers have been remixing the old classics for some time now, it seems like even those abroad are getting in on the game now.