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Prabhu Deva raises expectations with the mysterious 'The Mercury Song'

Composer Mithoon has concentrated on foot-tapping beats and singers Haricharan and Gajendra Verma complement the music well.

Keyur Seta

The teaser of director Karthik Subbaraj's Mercury raised hopes of the film being an out-of-the-box horror flick.

Mercury revolves around a town where 84 people mysteriously died due to mercury poisoning. Adding to the thriller is the fact that the film will be a silent one, and without any use of language.

The makers of the film have released a promotional Hindi track — 'The Mercury Song'. The video, mostly featuring Prabhu Deva, not only fits the theme, but also increases one's interest in the film.

The song is set inside a bungalow-cum-cafe where Prabhu Deva walks in in pursuit of a girl who is infected by a gas, presumably mercury. The production design is top notch with a lot of props adding to the mystery. The video follows a plot with a green liquid at its center.

With Prabhu Deva in a song, it is a given that it will have some break dance. Although he has been doing a similar dance for ages, the moves, choreographed by Paresh Shirodkar, are refreshing. Model Krithika Babu matches up to Prabhu Deva's acumen and looks glamorous too.

It won’t be right to expect some meaningful or philosophical lyrics in such a number. But the words suit the purpose here.

Composer Mithoon has mostly concentrated on foot-tapping beats, as per the requirement. Haricharan and Gajendra Verma’s vocals are energetic and complement the music well.

Mercury is all set to be released on 13 April.

Watch the song:

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