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October trailer: Varun Dhawan is a man seeking answers in this pensive, thoughtful drama

Directed by Shoojit Sircar and written by Juhi Chaturvedi, October is set to be released on 13 April.

Shriram Iyengar

The trailer of Shoojit Sircar's October captures a visually moving, pensive story with Varun Dhawan at the heart of it.

The film is written by Juhi Chaturvedi, who collaborated with Sircar to great success in Piku (2015). With Varun Dhawan playing a man seeking answers from a lost memory, the film's trailer possesses a visual serenity that is markedly different from any other in Dhawan's filmography.

The trailer begins with an voiceover of Dhawan's character, Dan, wondering why 'she' mentioned his name. 'She' refers to his co-worker (played by Banita Sandhu) at a posh hotel. While Dan is the grouchy, intemperate worker who is finicky about his work, Sandhu plays the quiet, shy girl who never expresses her liking for Dan.

The twist comes when Dan discovers she has suffered an accident and is in a coma. Except, before going comatose, she asked for him. Soon, his curiousity turns to fondness as he is unable to stop himself from visiting her, despite the inevitability of her memory loss.

The trailer is held together by Varun Dhawan's understated performance, and seems to capture the actor in a very different role than his usual commercial films. October's thoughtful and pensive romance also is a wonderful change of pace to Dhawan's characters.

Banita Sandhu makes for a very interesting, mysterious character whose true feelings are never revealed. This mystery forms the crux of the entire story.

Sharply cut, with no spoliers, the trailer makes for a very interesting watch. October is directed by Shoojit Sircar and is set to be released on 13 April 2018.

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