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Pari is not like 'usual' Indian horror films: Producer Prernaa Arora

The film, directed by Prosit Roy, and starring Anushka Sharma is set to be released on 2 March. 


Anushka Sharma-starrer Pari is not like the usual horror films in India, says the film's co-producer Prernaa Arora.

"Pari is not like the usual horror films in India with creaking doors, ear-shattering background score and crashing chandeliers. This is a totally different take on the spooky theme. The horror is so organically introduced into everyday life that audiences will be stunned," Arora said.

She said audiences will get to see Sharma like never before. 

"She has played a funny ghost before (in Phillauri). In Pari, she is something else. I don't think any actress in the world has played this kind of a chilling character," said Arora, "And if after being frightened, you care for a fun-filled rom-com about a festive period in the lives of Delhi's frantic characters, there is director Ashu Trikha's Veerey Ki Wedding.

The special screening for Pari was cancelled in view of the funeral of actress Sridevi. 

The film will be released on 2 March.