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Race 3 song: This Salman Khan-led 'Party Chale On' is another disappointment for the ears

Sung by Mika Singh and Iulia Vantur, the composition by Vicky-Hardik is let down by some childish lyrics and routine music. 

Shriram Iyengar

One of the big disappointments of the season has been the music of the upcoming Eid release Race 3. While the film does have the star cast to boast of, so far the emerging compositions have been mediocre.

Another addition to the list is the latest party song, 'Party Chale On'. Featuring Mika Singh and Iulia Vantur on the vocals, the song has been composed by the team of Vicky-Hardik, with Hardik Acharya also contributing to the lyrics. 

The duo of Vicky-Hardik are among a growing list of composers, after Tushar Joshi ('Allah Duhai Hai'), Vishal Mishra ('Selfish'), and Meet Bros ('Heeriye'), who have scored music for the film.

The song is, quite obviously, a party song, with the entire Race 3 family getting on the dance floor. Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Saqib Saleem, Daisy Shah and Bobby Deol feature in the song that captures the complete party spirit of the film. 

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However, the song itself proves to be a disappointment. While the beats are catchy, they are pretty routine and sound like almost every EDM track wheeled out at parties. The lack of inventiveness is not limited to the composition. 

The lyrics by Hardik Acharya are the stuff memes are made of. Lines like 'Weekend pe partiyaan ho rahi hai/Ek main aur ek tu/ Saath mein hai/ Aur haath mein hai tattoo' seem like Twitter verses put together in a hurry. The mix of English and Hindi words, while not new, come across as a little jarring. Lines like 'Bling Bling karti ye lights/Aur super fun ki night' are a reminder of the 'Our business is our business' style of writing that seems to permeate throughout the film. 

While there is a stylistic treatment that works to the light theme of the song, it lacks any novelty. Fernandez and Shah deliver on the dancing element, while Deol brings some lighthearted humour with his appearance. The background and sets provide a very Great Gatsby-esque look, but are not matched up by the choreography. Considering Remo D'Souza is at the helm for the film, it is a surprise that the choreography seems a little off with Race 3. 

Khan comes across as a little unprepared for the fast-paced music steps. While he still pulls it off with swag, like the earlier song 'Selfish', his dance is limited to the minimal movements. 

In all, this party might do well to be brought to an end soon. 

Watch the song below:

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