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Gotya trailer: Will this game of the poor become a popular sport?

The trailer not only gives away the entire story of the film, but also moves too quickly for the viewer to understand in first viewing.

Keyur Seta

Marathi cinema is also steering towards the trend of sports films. While Santosh Manjrekar's recently released Bedhadak was based on a man's passion for boxing, Bhagwan Pachore’s upcoming film Gotya will represent a relatively rural sport — the game of marbles.

The game, called Gotya in Marathi, will revolve around a boy's passion for marbles. Interestingly, the boy is also named Gotya in the film.

Gotya (Rishikesh Wankhede) is not only an expert in the game, but also believes it should be formally taught in school. According to him, the Olympics, too, should include the game as one of its competitive sports. However, for Gotya's poor father the game means nothing. In fact, the school's sports teacher (Rajesh Shringarpure) is also fed up of Gotya's obsession with marbles.

After much struggle, the teacher gives in and the game, thought to be played by those in the lower class, is introduced at a competitive level.

While it is apparent that Gotya will emerge as the winner, how he does it could make for an interesting watch.

The trailer of the film gives away the entire story in just a span of 60 seconds. The short clip is not neatly cut, and moves too quickly for the viewer to understand in first viewing.

The child protagonist Wankhede and Shringarpure seem to have given a decent performance, however one cannot be sure of the other characters as they have a blink-and-miss appearance in the trailer.

Gotya will be released on 6 July.

Watch the trailer below:

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