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More trouble for Rajini's Kaala as son of Kaala Seth sends notice seeking apology

Jawahar Nadar, a Mumbai journalist and son of the late S Thiraviam Nadar, claims that the actor's upcoming film is based on his father's life.

Another obstacle looms for Kaala

Manigandan KR

Even before superstar Rajinikanth has resolved the crisis arising from the threat of a ban on the release of his upcoming film Kaala in Karnataka, another problem has erupted.

Jawahar Nadar, a Mumbai journalist and son of the late S Thiraviam Nadar, has claimed that the actor's upcoming film Kaala Karikalan is based on his father's life and has sent him a legal notice, demanding an apology within 36 hours on pain of being sued for defamation for a sum of Rs101 crore.

In his notice to Rajinikanth, a copy of which is available with Cinestaan.com, Jawahar Nadar, through his lawyer Syed Ejaz Abbas, said Thiraviam Nadar came to Mumbai from a small village in Tamil Nadu's Tuticorin district in 1957, after Tuticorin began facing water scarcity due to a drought.  

He claimed that his father started doing odd jobs in Mumbai and slowly and steadily started growing in stature.

Claiming that Thiraviam Nadar helped everyone around Dharavi, Sion, Chembur and other parts of Mumbai irrespective of caste and creed, Jawahar Nadar said his father always had a good following among South Indians, especially Tamils. 

"In the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, the situation was very bad in Mumbai and people had to work hard to earn a livelihood. S Thiraviam Nadar always helped the needy and especially those from Tamil Nadu. He was seen as a godfather by the people of Tamil Nadu in the real sense," his notice said.

Further, Nadar claimed that those who were harassed by the police and political goons were saved by his father, who had a good standing in social circles. His father's stature saved victims from torture and harassment by the police and other law-enforcing agencies, he claimed.

Pointing out that S Thiraviam Nadar was nicknamed Gudwala Seth as he was one of the biggest dealers in jaggery and sugar, Jawahar Nadar's notice said he became famous because of his business and goodwill. "The name Gudwala Seth and Kaala Seth stuck to him till his death in 2003," he said.

"He was Gudwala Seth to people from other states, but to Tamilians he was Annachi. For the Tamilians, Annachi meant only him and till now, no one else is called Annachi and he is the only South Indian who has earned the name of Seth, Gudwala Seth and Annachi in Mumbai social circles," he claimed.

Explaining that people from every sphere of society maintained good relations with him owing to his reputation in Mumbai, Nadar said not a single case or complaint was registered against his father in any of the police stations in Mumbai or his home state of Tamil Nadu.

"People like Vardarajan Mudaliar and Haji Mastan Thevar too were influenced by him and often visited him for social work," he said, adding that his father was never involved in any illegal work.

Giving details to substantiate his claim, he said, "He led a dignified life and his children are well educated. Late S Thiraviam Nadar started a school for the underprivileged in Dharavi, called Kamaraj Memorial High School, though he was not well educated. He was chairman of the trust which runs the school for a long time and was always the godfather for the Tamil community in Maharashtra. He always carried out legitimate businesses and never indulged in anything against the law."

The notice warned that people, especially from the Nadar community, respect him even 15 years after his death and will not take things lightly if attempts are made to tarnish his reputation.

Stating that they had learnt that a movie named Kaala Karaikalan was being made by Rajinikanth and his son-in-law Dhanush, Nadar alleged that the superstar and his team were distorting facts in the film and defaming his father for their "ulterior motives".

Alleging that Rajini was deliberately trying to show his father in bad light to garner the support of the rich and the upper castes, Jawahar Nadar, in his notice, said the superstar had committed the offence of "defamation in serial acts, one by one".

The lawyer's notice said, "You have deliberately given an interview and forwarded the mail to various media agencies to defame my client’s family and his late father at different forums. Due to your illegal offending acts, my client’s reputation has been damaged before the government and the public at large."

The notice also alleged that the words ‘Kaala Karaikalan’ were aimed at driving a wedge between two communities.

Nadar called upon Rajinikanth to issue a written clarification "accepting his incorrect and malicious statement about [S Thiraviam Nadar] along with a written apology". The same apology, he said, must be sent to those to whom Rajinikanth had sent the script of Kaala within 36 hours of receiving the notice.

Failure to do so, the notice warned, would result in Jawahar Nadar treating the superstar as a deliberate offender and part of a conspiracy to lower his late father’s and his family's image and hold him responsible for damaging their reputation.

Failure to tender an apology would result in Nadar "positively" filing a suit for civil damages, a case of criminal defamation, and another for forging, morphing and fabricating details of his father and family to depict them in bad light, the notice warned.