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Ask Armaan Kohli to produce CCTV footage: Neeru Randhawa on allegations of attacking his mother

According to a source, Kohli has claimed that he attacked Randhawa after she tried to grab his mother by her neck.

Mayur Lookhar

In a conversation with us yesterday (4 June), designer Neeru Randhawa had stated that she had filed a complaint against actor Armaan Kohli for allegedly physically assaulting her. Kohli has since remained unavailable for comment, but the actor is said to have told his side of the story to a few close friends.

A source close to Kohli quoted him as saying, "Now if some one comes at your mother to hold her by the neck what would a son or daughter do? That woman [Randhawa] wants money.”

We also spoke to Randhawa who denied these allegations. “If that is so then, the entire altercation should be on his CCTV camera. As the fight broke out, his mom came down. She was very much on his side. But I didn’t tell her anything. On the contrary, he threatened saying that if you go to the police then I will say that you hurt my mother,” Randhawa said.

Kohli is the son of flmmaker Raj Kumar Kolhi and his mother, Nishi, is also a yesteryear actress. 

When asked whether she tried grabbing Kohli's mother by the neck, Randhawa said, “It’s all a lie. If that is the case, then ask him to produce the CCTV footage. I’m sure he must have deleted the footage. If he is telling the truth then why is he hiding them? I would never touch an elderly woman. I’m not from that kind of family."

The designer stated that the fight happened in the lounge of Kohli's bungalow in Juhu, adding that, in the past too his mother has intervened trying to stop their fights. "She was never hurt. We sent her upstairs," Randhawa said.

Kohli has alleged that Randhawa is after his money, but the designer, rubbishing these allegations, revealed the reason behind the fight 

“Kohli has a couple of villas in Goa, which he rents to tourists. He was upset that Rs50,000 was still lying with the staff. Nobody stole anything, that money would have been deposited into his account, but he was upset because I left that money and didn’t get it transferred to his account. I told him to give some time but he started abusing me. It was a petty thing to fight for,” she said.

Kohli and Randhawa have been in a live-in relationship for over three years. Randhawa maintained that despite their fights, she shared a cordial relationship with Kohli’s parents. 

“His parents are really nice. The day I got hospitalised, Kohli sent a message saying that his parents, brother love him. He told me not to go to the police and asked me to comeback. It's just Kohli’s anger that is the problem,” Randhawa said and ruled out any chance of reconciliation. "I’m out of this. I think God has done me a favour that this has happened. The reason I went to the police is that I don’t want to go back to this man again. There is no way back now. The reason I’ve gone to the media is to tell every woman to not be scared of anyone. If you don’t speak about abuse, then you end up like me in the hospital,” she added.

While Kohli remains unavailable for comment, Randhawa will be discharged from Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital soon.