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Priyanka Chopra’s A Kid Like Jake opens in limited screens in USA

The Indian actress’s second Hollywood film is picking up positive reviews with many even appreciating her performance.

Chopra in a still from the film

Sonal Pandya

After making her Hollywood debut in the summer film, Baywatch (2017) with Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. The Rock, Priyanka Chopra has chosen a smaller independent film for a follow-up. Directed by Silas Howard, A Kid Like Jake had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2018.

A screen adaptation of Daniel Pearle’s 2013 play of the same name, the film stars Claire Danes, Jim Parsons, Octavia Spencer and Ann Dowd. Danes and Parsons play Alex and Greg Wheeler who are trying to get their four-year-old gender variant child into kindergarten. Chopra is a supporting character in the feature; she plays Amal, a friend of the Wheelers.

A Kid Like Jake opened in limited release in US cities on 1 June.

Chopra tweeted her support for the film on the day it was released.

The reviews for A Kid Like Jake have been positive and many have mentioned Chopra’s character in their write-ups.’s reviewer Christy Lemire felt the film “tackles the tricky topic of gender dysphoria with sensitivity and grace”.  Additionally, she writes, “Priyanka Chopra, as Alex’s good friend and the mom of one of Jake’s schoolmates, might not be as trustworthy as she initially seemed. People are imperfect.”

Trade magazine Variety calls Amal “a charming presence” in the film and InStyle magazine named the film one of the 13 films to watch in June.’s reviewer Alex Barasch writes, “The adaptation of Pearle’s short play as a feature-length film demanded some additions, and Alex’s friend Amal (an excellent Priyanka Chopra) is a welcome and effective one, particularly during a double date that goes from awkward to excruciating.”

There is no word as yet if the film will be released in India.