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Shooting citizens is murder, address the murder: Actor Siddharth to Sadhguru on Sterlite Copper issue

A tweet by spiritual guru Jaggi Vasudev in support of companies like Sterlite Copper has not gone down well with tweeple.

Manigandan KR

Actor Siddharth Suryanarayan has lashed back at spiritual guru Jaggi Vasudev for his tweet in support of copper production in India.

Jaggi Vasudev, commonly styled Sadhguru, had said ecological violations could be addressed legally. He was referring to the closure of the Sterlite Copper plant in Thoothukudi in Tamil Nadu.

"Am not an expert on copper smelting but I know India has immense use for copper. If we don't produce our own, of course we will buy from China. Ecological violations can be addressed legally. Lynching large businesses is economic suicide," Jaggi Vasudev had tweeted.

The tweet has not gone down well with tweeple. Siddharth replied to the spiritual leader reminding him that people were killed by the police.

"The CMO [chief minister's office] is a disgrace. The PMO [prime minister's office] doesn't have a tongue to talk unless it's yoga. This isn't the best time to list the benefits of copper smelting, Sadhguru. Not now. Not yet. People were killed. By the police. Hold on. Shooting citizens is murder. Address the murder. Now. Antisocials," he wrote.

It may be recalled that the people of Tamil Nadu had joined hands with the locals in Thoothukudi town after they realized that the locals had been protesting against the Sterlite Copper plant.

In 2013, the Tamil Nadu government had ordered closure of the plant after sulphur dioxide leaked from the plant and affected locals in neighbouring villages causing uneasiness and suffocation.

Many complained of a burning sensation in the eyes. The discharge from the plant also contaminated the water sources in the region.

However, Sterlite Copper's parent company, Vedanta Limited, soon resumed operations of the plant and even came up with a plan to expand operations in the region.

The locals intensified their protests and people from other parts of the state joined them. After a 100-day peaceful protest, the police opened fire on protestors killing 13 people and injuring over 60.