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Pipsi trailer: Tale about innocent siblings promises to be an emotional ride

Starring child artistes Sahil Joshi and Maithili Patwardhan, the Marathi movie aims to be a coming-of-age saga. 

Keyur Seta

After highly acclaimed Marathi films like Ringan: The Quest (2017) and Redu (2018), Landmarc Films’ next is also a simply story based in a village. The film revolves around two kids, played by Sahil Joshi and Maithili Patwardhan. The former also played one of the pivotal characters in Ringan.

Directed by debutant Rohan Deshpande, Pipsi is based in a drought-ridden village that is longing for rain. But siblings Chaani (Patwardhan) and Balu (Joshi) are happy in their own world of fables. However, they get a jolt when they realize that their ailing mother can only survive only another three months at the most.

As the two kids seem to believe that a human soul is set in the body of a fish, they find a fish in a bid to save their mother. The fish becomes their new companion. As it is dark and sweet like their favourite cold drink, they name it Pipsi. Will their mother be saved?

The trailer is full of heartwarming moments. The innocence of the children makes you root for their cause. The film employs child actors, but the content does not seem to be targeted only at children.

Although the village is drought-ridden, its simple, everyday scenes are eye-catching and well shot by late cinematographer Aviram Mishra.

Incidentally, the two kids also starred in the recent Marathi movie, Aa Bb Kk (2018) and their act was the only plus point about the film.

Pipsi will be out in theatres on 27 July.

Watch the trailer below: