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Dileep back in AMMA: Rima Kallingal, Remya Nambeeshan, Geetu Mohandas resign in protest

The survivor of the February 2017 assault has also tendered her resignation from the association. 

Shriram Iyengar

Actors Remya Nambeesan, Rima Kallingal and director Geethu Mohandas were among the key names who submitted their resignation as members of the Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes (AMMA) in response to the reinstatement of actor Dileep. Dileep is the eighth accused in the case of kidnapping and sexual assault of the popular Malayalam actress. 

Dileep is an accused in the February 2017 actress kidnapping case which took place in Kochi, that landed him in a Kerala jail for 85 days.

The survivor of the assault has also tendered her resignation from the association. 

The victim wrote in a note: "Prior to this, this actor has snatched away opportunities of acting from me. When I had complained at that time, AMMA did not act seriously on my complaint. And when such a terrible incident happened, an organisation that I am also a part of tried to protect the man who has been accused of the crime. Realising that there is no purpose in being a part of such an organisation, I hereby resign." 

The resignations are a backlash against the AMMA's decision to revoke the suspension of actor Dileep on the grounds that it was done by a hurriedly-called executive meeting which was against the by-laws of the association.

The decision, taken a day after actor Mohanlal assumed presidency, has drawn criticism from several political and industry circles. The Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) issued a strong condemnation of the move. 'Do you know that you have decided to take back someone who is alleged to have been involved in a rape and the trial is yet to finish... don't you feel anything at all?' asked the collective in a post. 

The decision to revoke Dileep's suspension also saw an immediate effect with several female members of the association, and male actors like Prithviraj, choosing to skip the AMMA meeting on Sunday. 

In an interview to Reporter TV, actress Rima said, "What happened right now is not a problem that can be confined to a single person or a single organisation. I'm not leaving 'AMMA' for just this one problem. I'm leaving with the hope that the next generation will be able to courageously continue with full self-respect and without making any compromise." 

Several actors are expected to join the exodus from the AMMA in solidarity with their female counterparts. 


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