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Definition Of Fear trailer: Jacqueline Fernandez is up to no good in this 2014 production

The actress's upcoming international project, directed by James F Simpson, will release in August.

Sonal Pandya

Fresh off her stint in the action film Race 3, Jacqueline Fernandez is changing gears and genres with her next film, an international production titled Definition Of Fear. Shot in Canada in 2014, the film stars Fernandez, Katherine Barrell, Blythe Hubbard, and Mercedes Papalia.

The psychological thriller features four friends who go away for a seemingly innocent weekend up in the woods, only to be confronted with their deepest fears and some unknown entity.

The first trailer for Definition Of Fear is online now and has Fernandez play Sarah Fording who sets up a psychological experiment with her friends. She takes them to a house in the woods, setting up hidden cameras in the house and playing on their fears that there is someone or something out there watching them.

Fernandez has an easy relationship with the rest of cast and is quite mischievous at times, making them believe that she too is surprised with the turn of events in the house, while manipulating them to capture their fear. However, it seems as if the plan does backfire on them all.

The thriller looks a bit dated, it was shot four years ago and seems to be missing a spark.

Definition Of Fear is written and directed by James F Simpson. The trailer says the film is due to be released in August. It was premiered at the 4th Delhi International Film Festival in December 2015.

Watch the trailer below: