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Bucket List producer plans film on founders of online adult toy store

DAR Motion Pictures founder Vivek Rangachari confirms plan for film on Balaji T Vijayan and Ute Weimer.

Ute Weimer and Balaji T Vijayan

Our Correspondent

Indian cinema is coming out of the closet to tell stories that were hitherto taboo.

After sex comedies, we have seen films on sanitation and mentrual hygiene. In addition to this, Indian cinema has embraced a former porn star in Sunny Leone.

Now, it appears that audiences will be served up a film on sexual wellness. DAR Motion Pictures, which recently produced Madhuri Dixit Nene’s maiden Marathi film Bucket List, will be producing a film on Ute Weimer and Balaji T Vijayan, the entrepreneurs who run an online store that is into the business of sexual wellness.

DAR Motion Pictures co-founder Vivek Rangachari confirmed the development. The film will be a light-hearted take on people’s insecurities regarding sex and their struggles to overcome them, he said.

"One of the highlights will be the toil that the characters put into setting up a culturally acceptable [company]," Rangachari told the tabloid Mid-Day. Their constant tussle to get accepted and encourage customers to open up on sex and intimacy will be explored in detail for the film. It is a comedic take on insecurities pertaining to sexual pleasure in a country where few avenues of sex education are available.” 

The untitled film will touch upon Vijayan and Weimer’s journey in setting up the sexual aids business in the country. 

“Ours is a classic underdog story that can make you root for the protagonists, who work hard to keep their romance as well as their business alive. It can make you introspect and look at your right to love in a positive light. After all, our need to love and be loved is what makes us human. Our movie aims to help us embrace it and find healthier, sex-positive solutions,” said Rangachari. 

Vijayan had come up with the idea of having an online sex toy store for Indian consumers after visiting such a store in Amsterdam. Weimer had travelled to Bangalore where she met local women who did not have access to such toys and only bought them during their visits abroad. 

Weimer and Vijayan met in 2014 and joined hands to form Lovetreats, a sexual wellness online portal.

Lovetreats also has online courses, pop-up stores, events, chat functionality and a WhatsApp group to help its customers learn more about the products.