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Youngraad trailer: Phantom Films’ first Marathi movie promises to be a realistic teenage crime saga

This is director Makarand Mane's next film after the highly acclaimed Ringan (2017).

Keyur Seta

There is good reason to have high expectations of director Makarand Mane’s Youngraad. Mane's previous film was last year’s acclaimed Ringan. And Youngraad marks the Anurag Kashyap-led Phantom Films's entry into Marathi cinema.

The trailer of Youngraad, which was released today, suggests that it would not be wrong to have such expectations.

Youngraad is Nashik slang for young vagrants. The film tells the story of four teenagers played by Chaitanya Deore, Saurabh Padvi, Shiv Wagh and Jeevan Karalkar. Their friendship is not limited to school and they regularly hang out together and play pranks.

The four lads get a chance to make some quick money by working for a local politician and hoodlum Ballal Bhau (Vitthal Patil). This is how they get sucked into the world of crime and have a brush with the law.

In jail, the four youths meet another seasoned criminal (Sharad Kelkar). Is there a way out of this murky world for them?

Youngraad also stars Shashank Shende, who played the lead in Ringan, as the father of one of the youngsters.

The trailer suggests the film will be a realistic saga about teenage crime. While Hindi cinema has seen a few films about people being sucked into the world of crime, there have not been many that revolve around teenagers.

The only worry is that the trailer appears to reveal a lot of the story. We can only hope the film has much more to offer.

Youngraad is set to be released on 6 July. Watch the trailer below and let us know what you think about the film's box-office prospects.


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