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Here's how Rajinikanth bonded with dog Mani on Kaala sets

According to sources, the competition to buy the dog is so intense that fans are ready to pay even Rs2 crore to own the dog.

Manigandan KR

If sources are to be believed, there is a huge competition going on among fans to buy the dog that accompanies Rajinikanth in his latest release, Kaala.

Sources say that fans in foreign countries are eager to buy the dog called Mani, that is seen with Rajinikanth in a few scenes in the film. So intense is the competition that fans are ready to pay even Rs2 crore to own the dog.

However, at the moment, Mani's owner is busy sending it to other television shoots.

When the team began shooting for Kaala, they had to pick a dog as Rajinikanth's dog in the film. For this purpose, they got 30 dogs and out of these, Mani was chosen.

Sources say that Rajinikanth fed the dog some biscuits on the first day of shoot and from that point on, the dog would make it a point to wag its tail every time Rajinikanth entered the sets. It would go and sit next to him whenever he was on the sets.

"Even when Rajini would go to his van after his shot, the dog would go and sit outside the van waiting for him to come," said a source, who informs that Rajinikanth, too, took a liking for the dog.

The source added, "Even when the shooting was going on, there was heavy competition among fans in foreign countries to buy the dog. However, the trainer Simon refused to sell him."

In an earlier incident, the cycle that Rajini used in the superhit film Annamalai also had the same demand. Fans competed with one another to buy the cycle and were willing to spend lakhs on buying it.