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Music will play a major role in Dhadak, reveals Karan Johar

The producer of the film, starring Ishaan Khatter and Janhvi Kapoor, revealed that Ajay-Atul's music will have a key role to play in Shashank Khaitan's remake of the Marathi hit, Sairat (2016). 

Karan Johar (right) with Ajay-Atul at the music launch of Dhadak. Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Keyur Seta

During the trailer launch of Dhadak, producer-director Karan Johar said that the film's music will play a big role, just like it did with the original Marathi film Sairat. They have brought Ajay-Atul onboard, whose music was the talk of the town in the original. 

"One of the humongous aspects of Sairat, apart from its brilliant narrative and direction, was the music. Now we all know that Ajay-Atul are prolific names in Marathi cinema," said Johar. Dhadak is directed by Shashank Khaitan.

The filmmaker believes that they are the modern day Laxmikant-Pyarelal. "The way they have helped bring forth the music, we have had the pleasure working with them on Agneepath (2012) and Brothers (2015). We know that the footprints that they have left behind in the world of music has been huge. Not only humongously popular, they have this melody, and I have to say this personally that they always take me back to the era of Laxmikant-Pyarelal," he said.

Talking about the music of Dhadak he informed that they have recreated two songs from Sairat.

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"The ability to put out that kind of sound and music. That orchestra brilliance is theirs and theirs alone. In this film, we are very happy that two of our songs are original — 'Zingaat' and 'Yed Lagla' — and two are adapted. Actually here we can't use the word adaptation because melody you can never adapt. You can just bow your head and respect," said Johar. 

But it's the original title song of Dhadak that he is most fond of. "I have to say that the title song of Dhadak, over and above these melodies, will remain my favourite. It's an original composition which I hope you will hear soon," said Johar.

Lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya said that he had his task cut out while giving words to the already popular tracks. "It was quite daunting because the song from Sairat is a big one. People know it by heart. To write it in Hindi and keep the interest alive was very tough. So was 'Yed Lagla,' as that is also equally famous and people like it. And I had to work hard on it. But I am glad that it turned out to be so beautiful and the title (song) is also my favourite," Bhattacharya said. 

Johar added, "The greatest contribution Amitabh had for 'Zingaat' is that he decided not to change the word 'Zingaat.' Because he said, 'Therein lies the brilliance. That's the phonetic that you can never replicate or change and create an impact." 

Ajay of the duo narrated an interesting incident. "Everybody calls us and gives us a brief of Zingaat and we are told that make something like Zingaat. I am so happy that there is Zingaat in this film. It is not like Zingaat, it is Zingaat."

To this, Johar joked, "We already get a kickstart of a superhit song. We did something like chance pe dance and we latched onto this song already."

Starring Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter, Dhadak will be released on 20 July.

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