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Crisscross 'Duniya' song: Five female protagonists explore life in the City of Joy

The lyrics of the song, penned by Smaranjit Chakraborty, attempt to relate the struggles and successes of life with that of the dark and bright corners of Kolkata.

Roushni Sarkar

'Duniya', the first song from Birsa Dasgupta’s upcoming film Crisscross was launched online yesterday (8 July). Composed by Subhadeep Mitra for JAM8 and sung by Nikhita Gandhi, the song offers glimpses of the protagonists of the film.

While actress Chitrangada Chakraborty performs the song on the streets, ‘Duniya’ introduces the characters played by Mimi Chakraborty, Nusrat Jahan, Jaya Ahsan, Priyanka Sarkar and Sohini Sarkar.

Ira (Mimi Chakraborty) is a workaholic photojournalist. She loves to capture the nuances of her city in frames. Suzy (Priyanka Sarkar) is a single mother and a passionate painter. Ms Sen (Jaya Ahsan) lives all by herself. An independent woman with financial security, Ms Sen, perhaps, harbours interest in women.

Meher (Nusrat Jahan) is an aspiring actress and a dancer. Her struggles represent all the newcomers of the industry who toil day and night for a meagre earning. Rupa (Sohini Sarkar) is a typical housewife, who secretly wishes to live a life like an independent, modern girl.

The urban tune of 'Duniya' carries a sense of hope of living life to the fullest, as the song portrays all the characters making the most of their opportunities.

The lyrics penned by Smaranjit Chakraborty, who also happens to be the film's storywriter, also bring references to the spirit of the city in order to bring the characters to life.

Much like Smaranjit's works of fiction, the words of the song attempt to relate the struggles and successes of life with that of the dark and bright corners of Kolkata. The way the city both alienates and embraces the people, the song approaches the characters to accept the realities of their lives.

Crisscross narrates the parallel stories of five women who apparently lead contrasting lifestyles. However, destiny leads all of them to cross eachother’s path and one day turns all their lives upside down.

Crisscross is scheduled to be released on 10 August.

Watch the song below:

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