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'Dhai Kilo Bakwas' song: Slowcheeta brings fun, sarcasm and attitude to this Karwaan number

Composed by Slowcheeta and Shwetang Prasad, the song is a fun number that gets Akarsh Khurana's Karwaan going. 

Shriram Iyengar

The quirky trip of Akarsh Khurana's Karwaan is going to be quite a musical journey. The film's album is proving to be an innovative one with a combination of soft-pop rock and quirky lyrics. One such example is the very sassy 'Dhai Kilo Bakwaas' written by Chaitnya Sharma aka Slowcheeta, and composed by the rapper and Shwetang Prasad. Laced with some serious humour, and a peppy rhythm, the song is definitely worth a listen. 

The video captures a breakdown in the journey, with Irrfan Khan's Shaukat annoyed enough to take on anyone he passes on his way to Kochi. As the trio (Dulquer Salmaan, Khan and Mithila Palkar) set out on the journey, the song forms the warning to their naivety in trying to take their problems head-on. 

The lyrics by Slowcheeta are certainly one to sing along. Flowing with a pep in their step, the words just roll off with a touch of sarcasm. The combination of Hindi lyrics, with a touch of Malayalam thrown in the background, makes for an interesting combination. The highlight is Slowcheeta's rap in the middle that offers a 'reality check' to listeners. While some might cringe at the Malayali comic accent, it does play to the theme of the song, and adds a fun element to it. 

The composition itself is staccato, but certainly not without its rhythm. The pauses elevate the lyrics, while the fusion of the synthesiser with the tabla percussion makes for an interesting mix. In all, 'Dhai Kilo Bakwaas' is a perfectly enjoyable song to add to the karaoke table. 

Karwaan is set to be released on 3 August. 

Watch the song below:

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