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In week of film's release, Fanney Khan's 'Achche Din' suddenly arrive

Director Atul Manjrekar denies external pressure, says song is part of the narrative and second version was planned, not forced.

Mayur Lookhar

Fanney Khan, starring Anil Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, scheduled for release on Friday, may have faced a bit of a bother over the weekend, as suggested by the release of a newer version of the film's 'Achche Din' song.

The first version, which was released about 10 days ago, was called 'Mere Achche Din Kab Aayenge', or 'When will my good days come'. The makers have now released a new version, 'Mere Achche Din Hain Aaye Re', or 'My good days are here'!

The buzz is that the makers were forced to come up with the new version under pressure from the government as the earlier song was seen as a dig at the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party.

It may be recalled that the most prominent slogan used by prime minister Narendra Modi in the 2014 general election was 'Achche din aane wale hain', or 'Good days are coming', something for which he and his party are being increasingly mocked in the run-up to the next general election in May 2019.

Naturally, from the moment the Fanney Khan song was released, it became another tool for the Modi government's critics to target him with on social media.

Both versions of the song have been written by Irshad Kamil and composed and sung by Amit Trivedi.

According to a source associated with the film, the new version was created after the government's displeasure over the song was conveyed to the producers. “There was pressure," the source claimed. "That is why the makers had to come up with a new version. There is also the possibility that the first version will be dropped from the film.”

Director Atul Manjrekar, however, denied any pressure from any quarter and said the film was always going to have the two songs.

Manjrekar told Cinestaan.com, “First, let me clarify, there are no two versions. It [the song] was always part of the film. In fact, there is another version of 'Tere Jaisa Tu Hai', which will also be released in some time. All these songs are part of the film. They are part of the narrative.”

Manjrekar also denied any political connotation to the use of the phrase 'achche din'. "There is nothing political about the songs," he insisted. "People should see the videos. There is not a single frame that has anything political about it. How social media or anybody else perceives it is not in my control.”

Manjrekar also said there was no move to drop the ‘Achche Din Kab Aayenge’ song from the film. “As far as I am concerned, both songs are part of the narrative," he repeated.

Be that as it may, enjoy the two versions of 'Achche Din' below.