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Fanney Khan 'Tere Jaisa Tu Hai' song: Monali Thakur in fine form in this soaring composition

Composed by Amit Triverdi, the song captures the struggles of a young girl discriminated against for her appearance. 

Shriram Iyengar

The sight of a cheerful girl's dreams being crushed by a random stranger laughing at her for her weight is never a pretty sight. Fanney Khan's latest song, 'Tere Jaisa Tu Hai', seeks to spread the message to understand and give the dreamers their space.

The song, composed by Amit Trivedi and sung by Monali Thakur, is a rousing, inspirational one that tugs at the right emotional heartstrings.

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The film's story revolves around that of a dreamer father, Fanney Khan (Anil Kapoor), who is forced to kidnap a pop-star in order to help his daughter achieve her dreams of being a singer. The daughter, Lata (Pihu Sand), has faced discrimination owing to her weight since a very young age. But like every father, Kapoor's character wishes to see her dreams being fulfilled.

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The song is a wonderful exposition of this particular emotion. The lyrics by Irshad Kamil are simply superb and manage to convey some very pertinent and complex thoughts in the simplest comparisons. The lines 'Dekhein woh jismon se aage thoda sa/Baaton ke peeche bhi jhaanke zara [Wish they see beyond the body/have a glimpse at the person's thoughts]' is the perfect example. A relevant advice to people, even critics, who seek to pass judgement on the first glimpse, forms the crux of the message.

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The composition itself is wonderfully rousing. Beginning slow, Trivedi builds it up with the subtle changes in beats, till the final drop arrives just before Thakur's soaring delivery of the tagline 'Tere jaisa tu hai'. The mellow trumpet sound in the middle is emotionally haunting, and adds a memorable aftertaste to the composition.

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Then there is Thakur's distinct style and vocalisation. The singer's little variations, and control of pitch make this a song worth singing along to.

Fanney Khan is directed by Atul Manjrekar, and is set to be released on 3 August.

Watch the song below:

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