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Kim Sharma’s former domestic help alleges assault; actress rubbishes claim 

The domestic alleged that Sharma threw her out of the job over a laundry mistake and did not pay her a salary.

Our Correspondent

Former actress Kim Sharma, whose was seen in Aditya Chopra’s Mohabbatein (2000), has been accused of assault by her former domestic help, as reported by tabloid Mumbai Mirror.

In her complaint, Esther Khes, 31, had alleged that the incident occurred over a laundry mistake after the maid forgot to separate the whites. A dye from a black blouse bled, staining Sharma’s white clothes. The actress then allegedly threw a fit, pushing Khes and firing her from service. The alleged assault took place on 21 May, but when Sharma refused to pay her salary, the help reported the matter to the Khar (west) police.

“After the clothes were washed, I noticed that a black blouse had bled into a white tee. I realised my mistake and went to tell her about it immediately. She pushed me out of the house, telling me not to return. She even hurled unparliamentary words at me,” said Khes.

The actress, though, denied assaulting her.
“Khes has been told that her dues would be cleared on the 7th. I did not beat her. She ruined my clothes worth over Rs70,000. I only asked her to leave after she did that,” Sharma told the tabloid.

The Khar police has lodged a non-cognizable complaint under Sections 323 and 504 of Indian Penal Code.

Sharma was last seen in the film Loot (2011).