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Feel like committing suicide, says Sri Reddy claiming lack of support from Telugu film industry

In a recent interview to television channel Manorama News, the actress broke down confessing that she was 'all alone' and was not being supported by her parents either. 

Shriram Iyengar

Actress Sri Reddy turned quite a few heads when she came out with accusations of sexual harassment against some of the most prominent names in the Tamil and Telugu film industries. Now, the actress is the subject of a complaint by social activist and Indian Makkal Mandram member Varahi. The activist has filed a complaint with charges of prostitution and extortion on the basis of allegations made by the actress. 

A report quoted Varahi saying, "Sri Reddy is making allegations without any evidence. Her motive seems to tarnish the image of popular film personalities. She wants to blackmail them with a motive to make some money. Also, she had accepted of sharing the bed with many. It amounts to prostitution. Hence, she can be arrested for it." 

Indian Makkal Mandram is an NGO, and has the Facebook page of the same name registered in 2013. However, there is no access to their official website, nor are any contact details available. 

After protesting against casting couch in the Telugu film industry by stripping in front of the Telugu Chambers of Commerce in April this year, the actress levelled accusations against prominent names in Telugu film industry like Abhiram Daggubatti, and directors Kona Venkat, AR Murugadoss. The actress later levelled charges against actors Srikanth, actor-choreographer Lawrence Raghavendra, and actor-director Sundar C from the Tamil film industry. 

While the charges came as a shock, it forced the Telugu Film Chambers of Commerce to establish Committee Against Sexual Harassment (CASH) according to the government of India's Vishakha guidelines in April this year. 

However, the absence of any support has evidently distressed the actress. She has come under fire by several prominent names in the Tamil and Telugu film industries. Actor Karthi had recently suggested that the actress ought to have approached for legal help instead of going public with her revelations. 

In a recent interview with television news channel Manorama News, the actress can be seen breaking down. "I am a victim. Except crying I am not able to get justice. People call me prostitute and it’s hurting to hear such things. How will my family ever take it. I feel like committing suicide," Sri Reddy says in the interview. 

Referring to the recent outrage against Malayalam actor Dileep for allegedly ordering the aduction of and sexual assault on an actress, Sri Reddy said, "I am a single lady. All I did was to fight against the casting couch. There are many girls out there in a situation similar to mine. When a Malayalam actress was attacked the entire industry was with her. But here I am all alone. I don’t even have parents behind me." 

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