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Happy Pill song 'Bhalo Lege Jaay' describes the onset of a magical turn

The song, sung perfectly by Madhubanti Bagchi, speaks of hope and happiness.

Roushni Sarkar

Much like the other two songs from Mainak Bhaumik’s Happy Pill that have been released so far, 'Bhalo Lege Jaay' by Madhubanti Bagchi speaks of hope and happiness.

Composed by Savvy Gupta, the song is a soothing number, one that has the potential to put a smile on your face.

'Bhalo Lege Jaay' begins with protagonist Siddhartha (Ritwick Chakraborty) and Indrani (Sohini Sarkar) chatting on the phone as they slowly form a romantic bond. Meanwhile, Siddhartha’s sister Rini (Parno Mittra), already insecure about her dark complexion, tries to get comfortable on a date with an overbearing guy.

Rini’s mother hands her a box of Happy pills as she finds her breaking down. And Indrani, amidst her frustrations, suddenly begins to find people around her happy for no reason. Rini, too, gradually discovers herself and, before adjusting with her boyfriend, gives self-love a try.

The song ends with Indrani disclosing the secret of her new-found happiness to Siddhartha, who coolly sets the box aside to live the moment with her. Clearly, neither Rini nor Indrani knows that the inventor of the Happy pill is Siddhartha.

Dipangshu Acharya’s lyrics describe the onset of a magical turn. As the clouds of confusion clear, the new chapter feels as if dust is turning to gold and a new fairy tale is unravelling.

Madhubanti Bagchi, with her perfect voice modulation, adapts to the serene mood of the song and glides through Acharya’s picturesque words. Also, the part of the song without rhythm simply adds to the romantic innuendo of the song.

Happy Pill is slated for release on 27 July. Enjoy the 'Bhalo Lege Jaay' song and let us know what you think of Happy Pill's box-office prospects.


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