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Bombay Talkies's Rashtraputra to be released on 14 September

The production house makes a comeback after an interval of six decades under the command of Girish Ghanshyam Dube.


On the 112th birth anniversary of the iconic Indian freedom fighter Chandra Shekhar Azad on Monday (23 July), renowned film studio Bombay Talkies announced that Rashtraputra, based on his life story will be released on 14 September.

Rashtraputra has been written, directed and acted by Aazaad. The teaser and motion poster of the film was also launched.

Making the announcement Aazaad told IANS, a news agency, "This is a very special film, close to my heart because, in the British-ruled country, Chandra Shekhar was one and only young freedom fighter of that time who named himself 'Azad' which means freedom."

"He was free in his mind, his dream was to make his country free. It is unfortunate that not many people know his story in details. I think our upcoming generation should know the contribution of Chandra Shekhar Azad in the freedom movement of India," he added.

The film is produced by the iconic Bombay Talkies which was established in 1934 by Himanshu Rai and Devika Rani and produced some of the commercially successful films back then such as Jeevan Naiya (1936), Kismet (1943) and Ziddi (1948), among many others.

It is notable that after an interval of six decades the legendary pillar of Indian cinema is making a comeback under the command of Girish Ghanshyam Dube with Rashtraputra.

The film will be released in 26 languages.