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Quirks, mischief, and some physical comedy shape Akshay Kumar as Tapan Das in Gold

From pulling pranks on his co-stars to parallel bars and cartwheels, Akshay brings some of his action hero stunts into the argumentative coach character in Reema Kagti's period drama, Gold. 

Shriram Iyengar

Director Reema Kagti's Gold is set in the early years of India's Independence, and actor Akshay Kumar is picking up some elements of comedy from the past era to shape his character, Tapan Das, in the film. A video released by the makers of the film, Making of Tapan Das, captures some of the quirks, mischief, and a lot of physical comedy that has gone in to shape the character of the man who led independent India's first gold-medal winning hockey team, in Kagti's film.

With the film being a period drama, it is understandable that it has a lot of costume and prosthetic work. As Kumar watches his make-up team describe a 'dark coloured' wig to create the character, he himself worked up the Hindi with a Bengali accent to add some authenticity to the character. The actor adds, "As Tapan Das, playing a Bengali Indian team's manager in the pre-Independence era, we added a moustache, a dhoti with a jacket, and a differently styled hairdo."

If the grey-shaded nature of Das surprised audiences in the trailer, Kagti explains that the man the character is influenced is 'controversial'. "He is scheming in funds, an alcoholic, argumentative, but at the same time knows the game really well." For Akshay, who has been an avid sports enthusiast and fan, this part of the character looks easy to imbibe. The actor looks the part as well as he celebrates goals wildly, and goofs around with the team.

This sense of physical comedy is what puts the period in the drama. While the rest of the team had to learn to play hockey, Akshay makes up for it by his own 'quirks and charms'. Kunal Kapoor, who also plays the captain of the team, explains, "He is a very physical actor. He can fall, do a cartwheel and nothing will happen." But it does not end on camera. Kapoor adds, "At the end of the day, he can do one more just for fun."

This fun does not always go well for his co-stars. In the video, Akshay is shown barrelling into another senior actor in his enthusiasm, leaving Kagti worried for the veteran's health. A notorious prankster, the actor continues to prank his other co-stars by sometimes leaving them bemused and embarassed. As Vineet Kumar Singh admits, "One thing certain with Akshay Kumar on sets is that he will always take someone's case."

From running a race with old ladies to goofing around with his co-stars, the actor seems to be at his best. With Akshay in his comic element, Kagti's film might have a little more than just serious drama.

Gold will be released on 15 August.