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Crisscross song: 'Momer Shohor' a testimonial of the broken states of women protagonists

Jagga Jasoos-famed singer Tushar Joshi makes his debut in Bengali films with 'Momer Shohor'.

Roushni Sarkar

'Momer Shohor' song by Pritam’s Jam8 platform perfectly suits the pulse of Birsa Dasgupta’s upcoming urban drama Crisscross. With 'Momer Shohor', Jagga Jasoos famed vocalist Tushar Joshi has lent his voice for the first time in a Bengali film. The singing-Jagga is Joshi's voice.

The song features the protagonists Rupa (Sohini Sarkar), Meher (Nusrat Jahan), Ira (Mimi Chakraborty), Miss Sen (Jaya Ahasan) and Suzy (Priyanka Sarkar) caught in the cruel pranks of their life. The lyrics penned by the storywriter of the film, Smaranjit Chakraborty, sketch the mindscapes of the characters well against the backdrop of the urban set-up of Kolkata.

The song is a testimonial of the broken states of the five women, who are struggling to make a sense of their existence in the unfair male-dominated world. While Rupa seems to be devastated at some recent discovery in her life, Meher breaks down at not being able to meet the expectations of her not so well-off family.

Ira and Miss Sen, both are successful in their respective careers, yet they yearn for somebody to be concerned about them. It seems that in the race of becoming independent, they have lost out in forming meaningful relationships. On the other hand, Suzy, a single mother, prays to the lord in a church so that she is given enough courage to face the world with her son.

As the city itself plays an important role in the life of the characters, Chakraborty, has attempted to tell the stories of these brave women with the metaphors of the crumbling nature of Kolkata. Joshi’s voice calls out for an intense urge to come out of all the miseries amidst the continuous unpredictability of life.

Crisscross is slated to be released on 10 August.

Watch the song below:


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