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Nawabzaade 'Amma Dekh' song: Decent choreography, fine rap but lacks mass appeal

The music gets a bit too loud at certain points, but Ikka’s rap and the riveting dance performance by Raghav Juyal, Punit J Pathak,  Dharmesh Yelande and Shakti Mohan will even make the mothers take notice of this remake

Mayur Lookhar

The trend of remaking old songs continues unabated. A few days, the makers of Satyameva Jayate released their remake of the 'Dilbar'. Now, we have a remake of one of the popular songs from the 1990’s.

Singer-composer Gurinder Seagal, aka SardarG, has recreated the 'Amma Dekh' song from the Jackie Shroff-starrer Stuntman (1994) for the upcoming film Nawabzaade. The original song was penned by Sameer and its music was composed by Nadeem-Shravan. Bali Brahmbhatt and Alka Yagnik had sung the song.

Lyricist Kumaar is famous for writing additional lyrics for remakes has penned this remake too. Save for 'Amma dekh, tera munda bigda jaye', the remake has new lyrics altogether. The essence of the song though remains the same. The singer is cautioning a mother about her son turning into a 'brat'. However, the the remake does not feature the mother it is addressing.

The original song was less about lyrics and more about the music. It's fast-paced tempo and vibrant music made the song of the most popular songs of the 1990’s. Nadeem-Shravan were inspired by British group SL2’s 'On A Rigga Tip' track.

For the remake, Seagal has produced a mix of electronic and hip-hop music. The entire track is fast-paced. The lyrics at the beginning of the song are shabby and its tune is a bit too loud.  

The electronic music makes the song sound like one of the club remakes of Hindi songs that we hear on radio. What works for the track is the rap by Ikka. The lyrics are immaterial again, but Ikka’s rap has a pulsating effect. Staying true to his name, Ikka is indeed the ace performer here.

Sukriti Kakar is a powerful singer and gives a decent performance. SardarG joins the song in the second half. The music at the particular point and Seagal’s singing are both too loud.  

Each person will differ in their engagement levels with regards to music, but there is no debate about the choreography. It is simply breathtaking. Raghav Juyal, Punit Pathak and Dharmesh Yelande are established dancers. We’ve seen them perform various dance forms on television before. The trio is joined by Shakti Mohan and the four simply set the stage on fire. Grace, pace and charisma, the quartet has it all.

The remake has its own appeal, but it might be as popular as the original was.  

Nawabzaade will be released on 27 July.

Watch the remake and the original below:

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